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8th July
written by Rob C.

So, you are doing some cleaning of your GP database and you have to get rid of vendors.  For whatever reason, deleting vendors in Dynamics GP is a fact of life and there are many ways to say goodbye.

Mass Vendor Delete

The Mass Delete function for Vendor Cards allows a group or series of vendors to be deleted simultaneously.  To be deleted, Vendor records must meet the following requirements:

  • Zero current balance
  • 1099 amount for the current year should also be zero
  • No transactions, posted or unposted, can exist for the vendor(s)
  • The history table for each vendor must be clean.

Once these requirements are met, Tools->Utilities-> Purchasing-> Mass Vendor Delete

Deleting Temporary Vendors

Unlike Active Vendors, Temporary Vendors can be deleted regardless of if there are historical transactions linked to them.  To be deleted, the same first 2 requirements for Mass Vendor Deletion (listed above) apply along with the following:

  • No un-posted transactions can exist
  • No Open PO’s can exist

Now for something a little more back door in nature, any vendor can be turned into a temporary vendor by simply changing the vendors status to Temporary.  Then if the vendor meets the above requirements for temporary vendor deletion, Bye-Bye!

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