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28th October
written by Delfina C.

As more companies expand beyond the US market they learn that little things are important.  But sometimes those little things can grow into big headaches.  Take date formats.  In the US the common format is MM/DD/YYYY but in many other countries the standard is DD/MM/YYYY.  So having employees at subsidiaries in multiple countries accessing the same Dynamics GP system (and who may prefer working with a regionally-specific date formats) and you may have to do some juggling.  Here is how to strike the balance in Dynamics GP.

Let’s say you have 10 US-based subsidiary companies in GP and just added an additional 6 UK-based subsidiary companies to the GP system.  The users at each all log into Dynamics GP through terminal server.  The people in the UK want to see the date in the following format DD/MM/YYYY.  To accomplish this you would have each Non-US user log into Dynamics GP and go to Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.  On the Regional Options tab select the regionally applicable format.  Now, when the UK-based subsidiaries log into GP the date will be displayed in the selected format and for the people in the US-based subsidiaries it will display as MM/DD/YYYY and any reports generated will reflect the date based on the selected format of the person generating the reports.

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