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10th September
written by George W.

While working on a recent new install of GP 10 I came across a quirk when attempting to export a budget sheet to Excel.  Initially it looked like the export was not working but what was really happening was that the ‘Save As’ window was behind the GP windows on the PC desktop.  Although this was submitted as a bug to Microsoft Dynamics Support it was rejected as the work around was simple.  And it was!  To get around this little quirk:

  1. Use Alt+Tab until you find MS Excel with Save As title
  2. Use Windows key + D
  3. Right-click on task bar>>Show Desktop

Pretty easy.  A further check with support to see if a correction was planned for a future service pack as a correction was not in the recently released Service Pack 5.  We were informed that as the quirk is still not recognized as a bug by Microsoft so it would not be addressed with a fix in any future service packs.  On the upside, it looks like the issue has been resolved for GP2010.