10th September
written by George W.

While working on a recent new install of GP 10 I came across a quirk when attempting to export a budget sheet to Excel.  Initially it looked like the export was not working but what was really happening was that the ‘Save As’ window was behind the GP windows on the PC desktop.  Although this was submitted as a bug to Microsoft Dynamics Support it was rejected as the work around was simple.  And it was!  To get around this little quirk:

  1. Use Alt+Tab until you find MS Excel with Save As title
  2. Use Windows key + D
  3. Right-click on task bar>>Show Desktop

Pretty easy.  A further check with support to see if a correction was planned for a future service pack as a correction was not in the recently released Service Pack 5.  We were informed that as the quirk is still not recognized as a bug by Microsoft so it would not be addressed with a fix in any future service packs.  On the upside, it looks like the issue has been resolved for GP2010.

14th January
written by Ed N.

When Microsoft acquired Great Plains in the early part of this decade, they made the move to replace the commonly used database, Pervasive SQL, to the MSDE platform.  At the time, the MSDE database made sense and allowed Microsoft to easily phase out the Pervasive SQL platform.  Now, for users who are still on the MSDE platform, what was once free and easy is now a ticking time bomb that needs to be defused.

As a platform, the MSDE or Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine, had restrictions on it that will cause issues for any company that has grown since it first installed the Great Plains/MSDE solution.  These limitations are:

  • Support of up to 2GB of RAM
  • 2GB database size limit
  • 5 concurrent users or less
  • Support for up to 2 CPU on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 server
  • No publishing for transaction replication
  • No Database Server Failover Support
  • No full-text search
  • No GUI interface
  • No OLAP
  • No English Query
  • No SQL books online

Additionally, this version has been discontinued and will soon be no longer supported.  As SQL is a backend server, those customers that purchased this licensing probably do not realize the serious issues that could affect their ERP application.  The bottom line is that if your Dynamics GP solution is using this database you should make all necessary arrangements to upgrade and move off of this platform.

Whether you are a current customer of Micro Force or not, we are available to check your system to see if you are on the MSDE platform and if so we can migrate you to a more stable platform.

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29th July
written by Karen C

In July the New York State Legislature voted to increase the NYC Local Sales and Use Tax Rate to 4.5% (click on link at the end of this post for the Official PDF).  This rate change will be effective August 1, 2009.

To change the sales tax percentage in your Dynamics GP applicaton, you will need to make the change to the Tax Detail record that is used in the Tax Schedule ID assigned to NYC customers.

Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Tax Details

NYC Tax Fix Scr Shot

Once this is done, any new orders/invoices will use the new rate.

Keep in mind that any existing orders or backorders will not recalculate when you transfer those to invoices. You will need to recalculate those manually.

n09_12 NYC Sales tax 080109