8th December
written by Alan C.

Many companies are addressing today’s economic uncertainty, through a strategy typically referred to as scenario planning.  This strategy is particularly effective when facing a situation with numerous areas of uncertainty such as government policy, consumer response and Wall Street to name a few.

The key to scenario planning is identifying trends as quickly as possible and implementing the necessary corrective action. 

Regardless of the scenario used, there are three areas (referred to as the 3 – C’s) that must be prepared for.  The 3 – C’s will be the key to any strategy that is decided upon:

Cash is integral to the survival of any business.  Companies need to make sure that Assets such as Accounts Receivable and Inventory are maintained at optimal levels.  Day’s sales outstanding (D.S.O.) and Inventory turns are key benchmarks.  Cash can be used to pay off debt, negotiate vendor contracts to take advantage of vendor discounts and to make strategic investments.

Customers need to be catered to and improving customer service is paramount.  The costs of acquiring new customers far outweigh the costs of maintaining them.  Referrals can be of great value in generating new sales.

Credit lines whether needed or not are important, and getting credit in place often takes longer than expected.  Strategic acquisitions and investments are out there and should always be considered.

As companies look to effectively address the turbulent times being faced by everyone, it is important to remember that long term growth is often derived by strategic investments whether in the form of acquisitions, or in cutting edge business software such as a Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution to monitor business performance, and allow companies to identify and address scenarios as they appearIt is for this reason that Bonus Depreciation on business software is a key component of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and why businesses should be looking at purchasing a new ERP solution or upgrading their existing one now.

Alan Cohn, CPA, MBA, Micro Force Senior Certified Account Executive

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24th July
written by Rob C

In a whitepaper released within the last few days, Microsoft offers amazing proof that outgrowing a Dynamics GP solution would be difficult.  These types of results should put to rest any fears that current or prospective users of GP that the application is not scalable.

This white paper demonstrates how Microsoft Dynamics™ GP delivers a business system that can scale with growing organizations by successfully handling massive amounts of transactions and data by leveraging Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 and Windows Server® 2008. “  And it does as performance testing consisted of 1,000 physical Microsoft Dynamics GP users entering transactions and processing transactions continuously, with other activities such as Payables Management check printing, Payroll check printing and Receivables Management month-end processes of aging, statements, and Paid Transaction Removal running simultaneously.

Jim McCann, Managing Partner of Micro Force, said “If you ever thought you could outgrow Microsoft Great Plains – read this white paper.  3.3 million business transactions with a total of more than 10.6 million transactions line items – all within an 8 hour day. So many things to worry about and plan for when running a department/business. Business owners and their financial management teams can be confident that outgrowing a Microsoft GP solution is not one of them.”

Click on the link to read the whitepaper

Microsoft Whitepaper – GP10.0 Scaleability

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22nd July
written by Rob C.

In the article on Channel Web linked above, CRN’s Steven Burke reports that in light of the collapse of Sage’s largest VAR, MIS Group of Dallas, Microsoft is pressing hard and fast at Sage users in the hopes of converting them to Microsoft’s ERP solutions like Dynamics GP.

The promotion, which offers current Sage users a 25% rebate and 50% of licensing for Sage customers who switch, will positively impact a great many Microsoft ERP VARs in the coming days who are engaged in competitive bids offering Sage solutions.

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