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25th January
written by Jim M.

So you have purchased and implemented a Dynamics GP ERP solution and it is delivering to you the efficiency and reliability that you had hoped for.  But what about taking your GP solution a step farther?  There are a myriad of technologies and products that when paired with Dynamics GP can provide your company with functionalities that will help you to increase efficiency and cost-savings across the enterprise. 

At Micro Force our entire professional service team’s efforts are devoted to servicing Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) users in the New York Metro region.   Each of our team members average over seven years of GP service experience, over 20 years of business experience and has passed Microsoft’s GP certification requirement each year.  But beyond this GP expertise, each member of our team has also become experts in technologies that can enhance your experience with GP. 

Products and technologies such as FRx, Crystal Reports, eConnect automated integration, SQL database administrative services, VBA and GP Dexterity development services and Analysis Cubes reporting for Excel for GP users to name a few.  If you are interested to learn more about these products to see if they can help you achieve your goals now and in the future, Micro Force will be offering a series of Lunch N Learn sessions highlighting a different team members to help you better understand the product they specialize and how it has helped other customers achieve their goals. For the month of February, BI Reporting using Analysis Cubes will be in the spotlight and you can click here to learn more and to register.  In the coming weeks we will be adding additional Lunch N Learns to our schedule and you are encouraged to check back to the Events Page on the Micro Force website for upcoming offerings.

14th January
written by Ed N.

When Microsoft acquired Great Plains in the early part of this decade, they made the move to replace the commonly used database, Pervasive SQL, to the MSDE platform.  At the time, the MSDE database made sense and allowed Microsoft to easily phase out the Pervasive SQL platform.  Now, for users who are still on the MSDE platform, what was once free and easy is now a ticking time bomb that needs to be defused.

As a platform, the MSDE or Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine, had restrictions on it that will cause issues for any company that has grown since it first installed the Great Plains/MSDE solution.  These limitations are:

  • Support of up to 2GB of RAM
  • 2GB database size limit
  • 5 concurrent users or less
  • Support for up to 2 CPU on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 server
  • No publishing for transaction replication
  • No Database Server Failover Support
  • No full-text search
  • No GUI interface
  • No OLAP
  • No English Query
  • No SQL books online

Additionally, this version has been discontinued and will soon be no longer supported.  As SQL is a backend server, those customers that purchased this licensing probably do not realize the serious issues that could affect their ERP application.  The bottom line is that if your Dynamics GP solution is using this database you should make all necessary arrangements to upgrade and move off of this platform.

Whether you are a current customer of Micro Force or not, we are available to check your system to see if you are on the MSDE platform and if so we can migrate you to a more stable platform.

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